Medieval Baltimore is a digital history project started at Towson University that challenges college students to find traces of the Middle Ages in the city of Baltimore, USA. The project includes three major areas of collaboration: Buildings, Objects, and People.


The ‘Places’ section includes content about the proliferation of Romanesque, Gothic, and even Moorish or Byzantine architectural forms in many public and private buildings in the city. There you can find:

  • where those buildings are located
  • how such ‘neo-medieval’ creations became part of the urban imagination of this nineteenth and twentieth-century American city
  • which places and monuments of Europe these buildings evoke.

In ‘Objects’ we present many material traces from the societies and cultures of medieval times now kept in Baltimore

  • retracing them to their original context
  • telling the story of how these artifacts were assembled in two main museums of the city: the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Walters Art Museum.

The ‘People’ area results from our encounter with individuals living in Baltimore who devote themselves to the study and the dissemination of the

  • history
  • literature
  • art
  • architecture
  • food
  • music
  • and books from the Middle Ages

and are willing to share their passion and experiences.


This project started in 2009. It will grow as more students collaborate and submit the content they have created for publication in this website.

All photographs used in the project, unless otherwise stated, were taken by Irena Stein. Irena uses her art to call attention to what we are doing and to express her love of the city.

Rita Costa-Gomes (History Department, Towson University)

Student General Editors of the Medieval Baltimore Project:

Carol Stachura (BA English, Towson U) – 2009 to 2014